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Check out our collection of How-To videos below for help with minor troubleshooting and repairs of your Ford Tractor. More text based how to instructions here.

How to fix tractor hydraulics



Installing points in distributor for Ford 8N, 2N and 9N

Disassembly and replacement of points in the distributor.

How to get timing correct when re-installing distributor

Starter Disassembly and repair: Ford Tractors 2N, 8N, 9N and Jubilee

Rebuilding the starter for your tractor. You may be able to avoid the cost of replacing the starter.

Rebuilding an 8N carburetor - Part 1

Two part series on disassembly, checking, cleaning, and rebuilding a typical antique tractor carburetor.


Rebuilding an 8N carburetor - Part 2

8N Electrical System Trouble Shooting When 8n Won't Start
Steps to go thru to determine which component is the problem when your tractor won't start

Basic Check of Generator to see if it is working

If it motors? at all then it will generate. However it may still be bad enough internally to not generate properly. This is just a simple test to see if the genny will work at all.

Ford8N.com also carries shop and service manuals for your antique Ford tractor, and much more. Browse our online catalog of Ford 8N, 2N & 9N parts.  If you don't see what you need, email or call.  Please have the tractor model and serial number and a description of the part or parts you are looking for.

The first of the 'N Series' of Ford tractors was the 9N. It included the first three-point hitch system on tractors, in the United States (Ferguson had used it on the Ferguson-Brown tractor built for him by David Brown Ltd. in the UK). A design which is still utilized on most modern tractors today.

The Hitch was designed to solve some of the problems found in the earlier Fordsons, such as flipping over if the plow hit an obstruction. The three-point hitch system was labeled as the Ferguson System; Ferguson would later part ways with Ford to set up on his own as the Ferguson Company to produce tractors. The company later merged with Massey-Harris to form Massey Ferguson.